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Call to Arms!

Attention, moppets!  But especially you Gleeks. (You’re out there. DON’T EVEN LIE.) So I have this whole post on talent that I’m going to run one day, but this is more important.  See, I sincerely enjoy Glee.  Yes, the show’s storylines are getting more and more convoluted and I don’t love Lea Michele as much as I

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Linking to dispell the rage

Twice now, TWICE this week, I’ve had blog posts eaten by WordPress as I was typing them.  I could go on a rampage about the uselessness of the new full-screen page and how auto-save apparently means “save when I damn well FEEL LIKE IT”, but no one wants that.  Not on what is about to be a

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Bit of a break today…

…while I get caught up.  Instead, I shall send you elsewhere. We have our couples for APW’s Marriage for Equality event!  It’s been retooled for even more amazing goodness, and the couples are just adorable.  I SOOOO wish I could go! I’m trying to get Jethro to buy me a ticket for my birthday, but

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….I’m hiding. Yesterday, I managed to render two printers and a copier unusable for a significant amount of time, stab myself on a brad from an old-school report folder, spill tea twice, freeze Outlook four times, get lost driving around campus and burn my hand.  So last night, I set down to the business of doing absolutely

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Link Love: One Pretty Thing

***WARNING****  Crafty folks?  I’m about to blow your mind. So, you know how you get into a DIY mood and you’re all, “Ooo, I want to make Blah,” or “I wish I knew how to do This.”  And then you spent ridiculous amounts of time searching through blogs and googling search terms until you just

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Birchbox, my new love.

Through We Heart This, I discovered a new program for beauty products called Birchbox.  And I’m so in love. Now, this is not a paid review or even an unpaid review.  Or even really a review.  I just joined Birchbox, got a bunch of cool stuff and immediately wanted to tell all y’all.  So if

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Link Love: Awkward Embraces: Season 2

Y’all!  Y’ALL!!!!  Season Two of Awkward Embraces is up!!!!    It’s already off to a hilarious start with Episode One featuring Jess’s hot neighbor and Episode Two has Jess with a booty call. Of course, Super Mario and Star Wars.

Link Love: Not Martha

So I went to Alt Summit in January with Meg and Lauren.  Now, I’m a blog reader but I forget that they can be celebrities, even if they are super famous and read by scores and scads of people.  (How was I supposed to know who Dooce is if I don’t read her?!?) But there are

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Link Love: We Heart This

For all my dorkery, I am a bit of a girly girl. Okay, fine.  I’m a product whore. I love me some beauty products.  I’m happiest when slathered in pretty smelling lotions and fancy mascara and lip gloss that my hair gets stuck in when the wind blows. And because  I love beauty products, I

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Link Love: A Practical Wedding

Something I hate about blog rolls is that you never know why they are there.  What’s the site about? Are they just friends, or is it like Facebook and you add someone just you were added to theirs? Do the bloggers owe the blog rollers’ money? So I plan to try to share the whys

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