Link Love: Awkward Embraces: Season 2

Y’all!  Y’ALL!!!!  Season Two of Awkward Embraces is up!!!! 


It’s already off to a hilarious start with Episode One featuring Jess’s hot neighbor and Episode Two has Jess with a booty call. Of course, Super Mario and Star Wars.

Ooo, ooo! Also? I donated to the Awkward Embraces Indie Go-Go project and I get a thank you video!  It is a short video shot by Awkward Embraces featuring my favorite cast member answering 10 questions of my choosing.  (I’m probably picking Jessica as I have geeky questions I want answered.  ALTHOUGH, I did request that Jessica’s hot love interest Kevin do the video nekkid. Nekkid with a kitten. And a cupcake. Wearing a Batman cape. But that didn’t happen. Probably because the kitten was non-negotiable.) 

It will be featured on here as soon as I get my damn questions together. Any requests?

Till then, check out my previous post for a review, my favorite episodes and the season 2 trailer and then go to Awkward Embraces for the first two episodes!  And there’s still time to donate for the production of Season 2!  SUPPORT AWESOME WOMEN DOING GREAT THINGS!

One comment on “Link Love: Awkward Embraces: Season 2

  1. Ms. Bunny
    March 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    Thanks for reminding me. I love these ladies.

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