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Drinkin’ the sugar-free Kool-aid….

I did it.  After months of hemming and hawing….I joined Weight Watchers. This is not a big deal.  I’m treating it like a big deal because otherwise I wouldn’t have a blog post right now, but in general, not a big deal.  I’ve done Weight Watchers before.  I even still have my bulky binder, cleverly

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C25k Update: A triumph and a let-down

  So here’s the thing about this lovely C25k program.  I keep hearing stories about people quitting in Week 4 or 5 and I’m like, “WHY?  I’m liking this, I feel GREAT.” Yeah. I found out why this weekend. On Friday, after my lovely little “go team!” post, I ran Week 5/Day 2 which consists

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C25k Update: Week 5…ish.

I have not sent out emails for our little C25k support group.  But that will happen soon….eventually.  Maybe…..  STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT, I’VE BEEN BUSY! Anyway, I realized that  my C25k will not be a good way of charting how I do because I tend to repeat the previous week if I skip

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Tunes to Breathe Heavily To

One of the things that make my run worth it is my music.  Whether it’s the driving beat or the encouraging music, these songs are my running buddies.

“Time Bomb”  and “Four Leaf Clover”  Old ’97’s –  I’m a Dallas kid, so the Old ’97’s are my people.  Although it makes me feel like I should be at a St. Paddy’s Day parade with my beer in hand.

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Birchbox, my new love.

Through We Heart This, I discovered a new program for beauty products called Birchbox.  And I’m so in love. Now, this is not a paid review or even an unpaid review.  Or even really a review.  I just joined Birchbox, got a bunch of cool stuff and immediately wanted to tell all y’all.  So if

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Couch to 5k

Y’all, I don’t know about Couch to 5k, but I’ve hit Couch to Less of a Lazy Bastard and it is AWESOME. C25K is a running program that gradually gets you ready to run 5k (or three miles) on a regular basis.  I use “Get Running,” an app on my iPhone, that plays in the

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