Call to Arms!

Attention, moppets!  But especially you Gleeks. (You’re out there. DON’T EVEN LIE.)

So I have this whole post on talent that I’m going to run one day, but this is more important.  See, I sincerely enjoy Glee.  Yes, the show’s storylines are getting more and more convoluted and I don’t love Lea Michele as much as I did when I first saw her in Spring Awakening and I do not even want to hear about auto-tune I KNOW SO HUSH ALREADY; but that’s not what’s important.

What is important is the cultural movement that is happening for pre-teens and teenagers because of it.  The show acknowledges a lot of the hardships that kids go through and while it is sugar-coated for television, there is a lot of truth.  Regardless if it’s truth to me, it’s truth to a lot of teens and that’s what they need.  How amazing was it the first time you watched a TV show and went, “Oh my God, me too!”? (Way back before OMG…)  I’m not talking about some major life-changing event, just a subtle acknowledgment that you and your plight and your worries and your dreams were common enough that some people in some city you’ve never been wrote and filmed and broadcast a show about it?  Or not even ABOUT it, just had an episode with a reference to it?  You’d be amazed at the impact nonchalance has on a person.  I remember getting excited, not the first time I saw an interracial couple on TV, but the first time that I saw one and it wasn’t a THING or they weren’t part of a “Very Special Episode.” 

Anyway.  Glee’s fun.  And Glee could continue to have a cultural impact on teens as long as it stays true to its premise and stops giving Lea Michele all the power ballads.  (Seriously, I heart you honey but your schtick.  It has worn thin.)  And the producers have done that and found a way to rake in a ton more money and viewers with a show I had no idea existed called “The Glee Project.” 

In it, contestants complete solo assignments, group projects and get mentored by people associated with the show in order to win a part on Glee in the following season.  And honestly, I think this is kind of brilliant.  The Glee Project brings in new talent, keeps the show going with more exposure and gives us musical reality show junkies one more reason to keep our boob tubes on.  I’m kind of sad I didn’t discover this last year…

And actually, the reason I discovered it  is due to our buddy here on Kind of a Mess, beylit.  I know beylit in real life, she’s a college friend and an all-around awesome lady.  We were chorus whores together, I got to yell the phrase “be sex on a stick!” at her on several occasions in a professional setting AND she’s just a joy in general.  (Despite her insistence that I smell like cat food.)  beylit works at Scarborough Fair and has pretty much adopted a lovely young lady named Morgan.  I don’t know Morgan, but beylit says that she’s an amazing person and getting the nod from beylit is like a blessing from the Pope as far as I’m concerned. 

Morgan is what really brought the Glee Project to my attention; she is auditioning for Season 2 and has uploaded a audition video.  These videos aren’t solely how the contestants are chosen, there are a lot of other factors (don’t ask me what, read the FAQyourself) but the more visibility for an auditioner, the better.  And that is why I’m asking you guys to go to the Glee Project’s voting page, check out her video and give it a “Like” if it so moves you.  (See how I put that in quotes?  Know why?  BECAUSE FACEBOOK PLUG-INS SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED REAL WORDS.)

*ahem*  I give you Morgan.  I can’t embed the video, so go ahead.  Go watch it.  A few times even.  I’ll wait…..

You back?  Good.  SO!  Watching that video, you think a few things. 

One, that she’s adorable and you want to hug her. 

Two, her hat is awesome and it’s not fair that you can’t pull off a hat like that. 

And three, she’s good.  But she’s not good in the typical way that you see some of these kids auditioning.  And I think that’s her advantage.  See, American Idol and shows of that ilk have brain-washed people into thinking that good singing is all glory notes and melismas.  But honestly, good solid talent of a kid with a ukulele is just as valid and, frankly, better than some of these auditioners belting out “The Edge of Glory” and making me wish Gaga would smack them with her meat purse.  Also, she’s playing a ukulele.  IT IS SO WEE, I LOVE IT!

So listen to Morgan’s video again, hear how much this opportunity would mean to her, think about how awesome a fun snarky, bookish character on Glee would be, and then give her audition a “Like” on The Glee Project’s Casting website.  I’ll keep you guys updated, but send some good ju-ju Morgan’s way.  Because even if this audition doesn’t pan out, the kid’s going places.

6 comments on “Call to Arms!

  1. Erin
    October 5, 2011 at 2:05 pm #

    Morgan is so adorable, and earnest, and honest! I cast my vote… Good luck, girl! You’re going far 🙂

  2. beylit
    October 5, 2011 at 6:09 pm #

    Morgan wants me to thank my ‘amazingly awesome’ friend, and said she almost cried and could not stop smiling at your kind words. I assured her you were equally awesome (and that the cat food smell was almost unnoticeable). She said someday she will pay you back with like 14 miniature giraffes. I mean come on what is more awesome than a miniature giraffe? That’s right, 14 miniature giraffes.

  3. Maggie
    October 6, 2011 at 10:00 am #

    “making me wish Gaga would smack them with her meat purse.”

    LOL… you always get me to snort with laughter at some point, always.

    Her voice is really pretty! Wishing her the best of luck!

  4. Torie
    October 9, 2011 at 1:48 am #

    14 miniature giraffes? 14!?
    Loved her singing – I have ‘liked’ – do I get giraffes now?

  5. Red (@cupcake_orgasm)
    October 23, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    So I’m a little late to the party, but I liked it! She’s adorable, and HELLO she wants to play a snarky bookaholic? I ADORE her! Best of luck to Morgan, but with her personality and talent I don’t think she’ll need much luck. Girl’s got skills.


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