St. Baldrick’s – Black Sheep Lacquer Giveaway – WINNER!

I am excited to announce that the winner of the Black Sheep Lacquer giveaway is ERIN B.!!!!  She is thrilled, and I know her digits will dance with delight over Baldrick!  (Like that alliteration?  Kinda fell apart at the end, but what are you gonna do?)

Are you sad you did not win?  Don’t be!  You can purchase Baldrick yourself in Black Sheep Lacquer’s Etsy store

Baldick - Black Sheep LacquerFall into the glittery, shiny goodness….

All of her proceeds go to St. Baldrick’s, which still leaves me reeling at her generosity!  Plus?  The color is GORGEOUS.  I’ve already placed an order for mine (and The Great Below, a purple holographic because, HELLO, LOOK AT IT.)

So go to Black Sheep Lacquer’s shop, and snatch it up!  And thank everyone for entering, and thank every single one of my reader for…well, reading.  I appreciate every single one of your beautiful faces.  I’ll stop talking about my head very soon, I promise.  (Although the complaints about my hair growing in are coming…you know they are.  I apologize in advance.)

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