Life Lessons and Evil Quinoa—My Messy Beautiful Life

I have a complicated relationship with my son’s food.

It started with not being able to breastfeed.  It was upsetting, but amazing site like Fearless Formula Feeder helped me come to grips with it.  My kid was fed, that’s the important part.  Then Tater had infant acid reflux, which led to MANY different formulas being tried and rejected until we found one that fit.

Then, when he was ready for solids, I had visions of feeding him lovely vats of freshly pureed baby food, made with organic vegetables and love.

Guess how well that went.  (Awww, you think I was able to do it?  You’re so sweet, you must be new.) Read More

April? Seriously?

I don’t know how it got to be April already.  Nobody asked me, nobody consulted my feelings on it, it’s just like BAM.  It happened without my opinion being aired.  Rude.

I know a lot of you are curious about the hair.  It is growing like gangbusters, which also means it is growing WEIRD.  I can do a faux-hawk, but not in a cool way, in a “did you mean to do that with your head?” way.   For a while there it was leaning into Brandon Walsh territory, but my fabu hairstylist, courtesy of this lovely lady, has gotten things under control.   I’ve also got some crazy grey hairs that at least have the decency to be silver, but also stick straight up higher than all my other hair.  When I only noticed one or two, I thought it was cute and named them.  When Phyllis and Sir Lukely Frost was joined by about seventeen others, they rapidly ceased to be amusing.  The only downside is I’ve outgrown pixie and am steadily headed into mullet territory.  Pray for me.

Tater is lovely and adorable and occasionally turns into this demon child that makes me want to Google “black market child sales*.”  We have entered the whiny phase of development that makes me look at “Reasons My Son is Crying” and nod in solidarity.  (Although, I occasionally sympathize with the kids too.  I know this feel, brah.  I know this feel…)  He is brilliant and knows his letter and colors already…but he also is easily fooled for the fake “go get the ball” game where I pretend to throw a ball and actually palm it.  Even the dog is like, “Dude.”

We’re not gonna send in that Mensa paperwork just yet…

I’ve been back at grad school this semester, so most of my time is spent on homework and trying to do some for reals writing and instead just ending up on Buzzfeed again. (STOP TAKING THOSE QUIZZES, Y’ALL.  You cannot find out your aura or which Sopranos character you should be via multiple choice.)  But at least this afternoon I’ve got a special post going up up later today, in honor of Momastery’s Messy, Beautiful Warriors Project.  I’m not usually in for the inspirational, I do snark much better, but something about this project seemed lovely and genuine.  And if you don’t like it, that’s okay.  Read it at least for a picture of Maggie.

Anyway, how are YOU?!?  Your mom an’em okay?  Tell me things.  (Not that I’ve told you anything in a while, so I get it. It’s okay.  I still love you deeply.)


*Please note that this is a damn joke and do not call CPS on me.



St. Baldrick’s – Black Sheep Lacquer Giveaway – WINNER!

I am excited to announce that the winner of the Black Sheep Lacquer giveaway is ERIN B.!!!!  She is thrilled, and I know her digits will dance with delight over Baldrick!  (Like that alliteration?  Kinda fell apart at the end, but what are you gonna do?)

Are you sad you did not win?  Don’t be!  You can purchase Baldrick yourself in Black Sheep Lacquer’s Etsy store

Baldick - Black Sheep LacquerFall into the glittery, shiny goodness….

All of her proceeds go to St. Baldrick’s, which still leaves me reeling at her generosity!  Plus?  The color is GORGEOUS.  I’ve already placed an order for mine (and The Great Below, a purple holographic because, HELLO, LOOK AT IT.)

So go to Black Sheep Lacquer’s shop, and snatch it up!  And thank everyone for entering, and thank every single one of my reader for…well, reading.  I appreciate every single one of your beautiful faces.  I’ll stop talking about my head very soon, I promise.  (Although the complaints about my hair growing in are coming…you know they are.  I apologize in advance.)

Minor Update

Happy Sunday, weekend readers! (All two of you!). Things are going swimmingly with the bald head; I had minor apprehension about letting it fly at work, that is until one of my head wraps would not cooperate. Apparently, my irritation at unruly fashion accessories outweighs my ego.

photoMy selfie needs work.

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St. Baldrick’s – Etsy Giveaway WINNER!

The winner of my Etsy Giveaway is Caitlin G.!!!  She was appropriately excited and is thoroughly adorable.

Sad you didn’t win?  Don’t be! I still have a giveaway for a custom polish by Black Sheep Lacquer running, so check it out and enter to win!

Erin has been working hard to create Baldrick and has sneak peek pictures on her Instagram.  These are not the final, but they are gorgeous and sparkly and I want to buy it right NOW.  So go and enter already!!


Ready for the reveal??? Read More

St. Baldrick’s – Black Sheep Lacquer Giveaway!!

Hello, lovelies!  I cannot tell you how excited I am about this post!!  As y’all know, I am a huge nail polish fan, especially indie nail polish, made by regular people and sold online. (So much so that I review it on we heart this!) So it is with great pleasure that I announce a giveaway in collaboration with Black Sheep Lacquer for a brand new custom polish to benefit St. Baldrick’s!! Read More

St. Baldrick’s – Etsy Giveaway: LUCKY

Today is the second to last* day of my Etsy giveaway, and the day before get my head shaved! Today’s themed round-up is Lucky!
*Edit: I initially said it was the last day of my giveaway. I’m a moron. lucky1

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St. Baldrick’s Update

Y’ALL. I just wanted to give you all a quick update to let you know I have EXCEEDED MY GOAL!!! I am floored and overwhelmed and all sorts of words that mean I’ve been a happy, weepy mess the last two days. I knew the Etsy giveaway would be fun, but the comments have shown just how cancer has touched so many lives, but also just how you all keep your loved ones in your hearts. Your support makes me feel like a full puppy in the sun.

I wrote a post at we heart this on my journey so far, which also includes a link to my Pinterest post-shave inspiration board. If you’d still like to donate, please visit my shave page! We are moving into a new house, so I am not online as much as I’d like to be right now, but please know I am thinking about everyone single one of you and thanking you for supporting me. You are all beautiful, sexy people.

Stay tuned, as I’ve got another round-up and some very exiting news on another giveaway!! ( I KNOW. I’m stoked too!)

St. Baldrick’s – Etsy Giveaway: POLISH

By now you’ve entered the Etsy Giveaway in honor of my St. Baldrick’s shave event on September 14th, yes?  Of course you have.  And you also know that I adore polish, especially indie polish, which I review for we heart this.  Sooo, of course I have to show you some of my favorite indie polishes in green, like the lovely St. Baldrick’s logo.

St. Baldrick's logoSee?  Pretty, huh?

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