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Linking to dispell the rage

Twice now, TWICE this week, I’ve had blog posts eaten by WordPress as I was typing them.  I could go on a rampage about the uselessness of the new full-screen page and how auto-save apparently means “save when I damn well FEEL LIKE IT”, but no one wants that.  Not on what is about to be a

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Updated Messy Girl Book Recommendations

Our ladies Savychacha and Life She Wrote have contributed to our book recommendations!  Check them out, and email me with your own picks.  This list is constantly updated, so every time you find a new book that you HAVE to share, send it in to alyssa.kindofamess@gmail.com!

Book Recommendations: Messy Girl Approved!

If you’ll look up top in the menu bar, you’ll notice a new page called “Book Recs.”  This post proved that y’all love some books, just as much as I do.  SO!  I’ve compiled everyone’s recommendations into on handy dandy page, complete with links.  (Yes, they are Amazon Affiliate links.  I would have linked them

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Link Love: One Pretty Thing

***WARNING****  Crafty folks?  I’m about to blow your mind. So, you know how you get into a DIY mood and you’re all, “Ooo, I want to make Blah,” or “I wish I knew how to do This.”  And then you spent ridiculous amounts of time searching through blogs and googling search terms until you just

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