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Greatest movie ever? Monster Squad.

Partially in honor of Halloween, partially because I just felt like it, Jethro and I decided to watch Monster Squad last night. Well, I decided to watch it but since I can’t work the DVD player,  I just yelled “MONSTER SQUAD!” at regular intervals until Jethro put it in.  Because I’m super mature. Monster Squad

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Messy Reads

It was mentioned a while back that I should join Good Reads, and I did.  A CRAZY amount of y’all are on there, though I shouldn’t be surprised given how many bookworms there are on here. Now, if you’re interested, I’ve started a “Messy Reads” group on Good Reads.  It’s not a book club, it’s just

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Call to Arms!

Attention, moppets!  But especially you Gleeks. (You’re out there. DON’T EVEN LIE.) So I have this whole post on talent that I’m going to run one day, but this is more important.  See, I sincerely enjoy Glee.  Yes, the show’s storylines are getting more and more convoluted and I don’t love Lea Michele as much as I

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Updated Messy Girl Book Recommendations

Our ladies Savychacha and Life She Wrote have contributed to our book recommendations!  Check them out, and email me with your own picks.  This list is constantly updated, so every time you find a new book that you HAVE to share, send it in to!

Book Recommendations: Messy Girl Approved!

If you’ll look up top in the menu bar, you’ll notice a new page called “Book Recs.”  This post proved that y’all love some books, just as much as I do.  SO!  I’ve compiled everyone’s recommendations into on handy dandy page, complete with links.  (Yes, they are Amazon Affiliate links.  I would have linked them

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Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high…

Take a look, it’s in a book, a reading rainbow… Let’s talk books! I am a reader. I always have been. If I don’t have something to read, I get twitchy. Growing up, my parents always refused my demands for candy or toys, but I always knew I could get something to read if I

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I solemnly swear I am up to no good…

I had another post planned for today, but Jethro and I took an impromptu trip to the movies and saw the final Harry Potter movie.  And I am left oddly…bereft? Here’s the thing, I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan.  I mean, I REALLY like the books and have re-read and enjoyed them all, on

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A bright shining hope…

In a time when people use conspiracy theory to hide racism, when major geological disasters happen and are forgotten scant months later, when our government is at war with each other, as well as other countries, without remembering why, when women still make 77 cents to a man’s dollar… we at least have this.

The Internet hates me.

So there’s supposed to be a post today.  A lovely and wonderful post about a new service that I found and how I got my first item and I was SO excited and it’s great.  There would have been pictures and everything.  iPhone pictures, but pictures nonetheless. This post would be fun, wonderful and informative…if

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Link Love: Awkward Embraces: Season 2

Y’all!  Y’ALL!!!!  Season Two of Awkward Embraces is up!!!!    It’s already off to a hilarious start with Episode One featuring Jess’s hot neighbor and Episode Two has Jess with a booty call. Of course, Super Mario and Star Wars.