Bit of a break today…

…while I get caught up.  Instead, I shall send you elsewhere.

We have our couples for APW’s Marriage for Equality event!  It’s been retooled for even more amazing goodness, and the couples are just adorable.  I SOOOO wish I could go! I’m trying to get Jethro to buy me a ticket for my birthday, but he’s having none of it.  Something about paying bills for electricity and my broken face, or some such nonsense.

Am I the last person to find Matt Bites?  With its gorgeous food styling and ridiculous recipes?  I now want aguas frescas, meyer lemon cupcakes, blood orange caramels and cilantro chicken. NOW.

I cannot stop reading Offbeat Mama, if only for its Monday Mama Montage.  It’s an off-shoot of Offbeat Bride, which I devoured during my wedding planning.  If I didn’t already have a crush on Ariel for those two sites, Offbeat Home would have cinched it.

There goes your productivity today.  You’re welcome.


One comment on “Bit of a break today…

  1. Ariel Meadow Stallings
    July 27, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    Aww, jeez. Thanks for the sweet words!

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