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Life List: Send cards!

***Edited because the stinkin’ link didn’t work!*** I don’t do resolutions.  Mostly because I break them and then feel terrible about myself.  My self-esteem doesn’t need the yearly hit, thank you very much. HOWEVER.   I’m going to take on a small project for 2013 off of my updated Life List, and I think I’ll

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Stitch it, stitch it good!

One of the bad things about having a fairly non-anonymous blog is that I can’t share with you guys the projects I’m working on because they are gifts for people who will read the post and go, “She’s giving me THAT??” OR they won’t read the blog at all, but I think they do and

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Green Fail

In an effort to try to be more green, I decided to ban paper towels from our house.  Jethro has this stunningly annoying habit of ripping off about five of them at a time, just to dry his hands even though there’s a perfectly good clean hand towel within arms’ reach.  Which I hate.  Hate, hate, HATE. (Sad

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The Jars of Lady B: Glass Painting

Starting off the “Jars of Lady B”** project, I went easy and used glass paint on them.  As Madge pointed out in the comments, a much more AWESOME medium would have been Liquid Rainbow, but it’s been discontinued.  *sniff*  So I made do with a glass painting set. Glass paint kit These were done on a

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Link Love: One Pretty Thing

***WARNING****  Crafty folks?  I’m about to blow your mind. So, you know how you get into a DIY mood and you’re all, “Ooo, I want to make Blah,” or “I wish I knew how to do This.”  And then you spent ridiculous amounts of time searching through blogs and googling search terms until you just

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A project of sorts…

So my sister-in-law got married last month, (Hi Lady B.!!) and like most brides, when she was done with the wedding, she was DONE.  While we were cleaning up, we did a slash and burn with the decor; unless someone claimed it, it was trash or given away as she’s from Vegas and wasn’t about

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Life List: Learn to knit.

I have always wanted to learn to knit.  Well, maybe not ALWAYS, but it’s been up there as one of those crafts I’ve wanted to master.  It just seems so comforting, to be sitting in front of a fire, sipping cocoa and knitting a sweater. Though if we’re gonna be real, it’d be more like

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Life List: Sew 50 little dresses for Africa.

One of the items on my Life List is to sew 50 little dresses for Africa. It’s a pretty simple task and even with my meager sewing skills I could possibly knock it out in a couple of weekends. But I added it to my Life List because it’s an important project for me that

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