Fine Print-y Type Stuff

Here’s the deal.

This blog is my own.  Mine, mine, mine.  And by mine I mean me, Alyssa.  (Have we met?)

Any and all opinions expressed within the blog are of my own and should not be associated with any companies or people who I work with or for, nor are they the opinions of anyone I’m associated with.

Any opinions expressed within the comments belong to the commenters.  I’m not the boss of them.  But let me know if they hurt your feelings.  This is a happy space.

When posting links or pictures of content that does not belong to me, efforts have been made to credit the correct source.  If the correct source has not been credited, or if you are the owner of said content and wish to have it removed, contact me.  Bitching about it on your own blog won’t get the problem solved.

Content expressed within this blog is subject to changes as the facts change or my mood does, whichever comes first.  Anyone following any recommendations or statements within this blog will do so at their own risk.  But really, are you going to emulate someone known as Kind of a Mess??

Comments are accepted, as is debate, but may be removed at my discretion.  Please do not think that just because you have an opinion you are entitled to have it expressed on my blog.  That’s what your blog is for.

Kind of a Mess is an Amazon Affiliate.  Links are provided for informational purposes and based on products that I, the site owner, or readers have said that they like.  Being an affiliate means the site will receive a percentage if you purchase through any links listed within posts or though the Amazon store link in the sidebar.  There  will never be products linked to solely for revenue generating purposes.  Any monies made will most likely be spent on candy.

Please remember there is a human behind this blog.  If you prick me, do I not bleed?*^

*No, I don’t.  I turn around and smack you in the face for stabbing me with a needle, you jerk.

^Please note this statement is a terrible play on words from William Shakespeare who is public domain AND may not have written it anyway.  However, I didn’t write it either, so there you go.

7 comments on “Fine Print-y Type Stuff

  1. sez
    July 21, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    I would actually read more fine print if more of it were like this.
    well done, you!


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