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April? Seriously?

I don’t know how it got to be April already.  Nobody asked me, nobody consulted my feelings on it, it’s just like BAM.  It happened without my opinion being aired.  Rude. I know a lot of you are curious about the hair.  It is growing like gangbusters, which also means it is growing WEIRD.  I can

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I need a drink.

Not in the sense that I need one to get me through the day, but I need a signature drink.  A go-to drink that I order when I go to the bar, or a brand that I keep stocked in my house for a nice nightcap. I need a drink. My early drinking days were

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Hello, again!

Oi, that was a long hiatus, huh?  Unintentional too; I’ve been so bogged down in baby and work and life and oh, my God, did you see the finale of Doctor Who?  I mean, how can I blog without knowing who the Hurt Doctor is?!? Sorry.  My geek is showing.  (But seriously, we should talk

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A Quick Update

No, Kind of a Mess hasn’t turned into a book reviewing blog.  (How AWESOME would that be, though?  Seriously, these reviews are crazy fun…  I’ve been tempted to do a spin-off blog, but if I can’t feed and water this one, I probably shouldn’t get another pet.)  Tater’s birth story, and proper normal blogging, is

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And I’m back!  Mostly.  A big thank you to everyone for so many nice emails and general thoughts. Things are way better than they were and I’m not gonna pretend that so many lovely people thinking sweet thoughts didn’t have anything to do with it… A little bit of a change; we’re moving to a

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Well, hell.

I’ve been silent for the last few days because the 2011 Summer of Suck has continued with another family emergency.  Because of that, and the anniversary trip that Jethro and I have planned for next week, Kind of a Mess will be taking another hiatus for two weeks.  BUT, when I come back on the 26th, there’ll

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Thanks for the good ju-ju!

Aside from a brief moment of panic when I realized I had no idea where my class was (my iPhone can do all sorts of amazing things except access the ONE site where I can look up class info…) class was great!  It’s a class on creativity throughout the ages and since it’s being taught by a playwright/poet who is a photographer and painter, I think we’re in good hands.

I’m still making tiny updates to the blog, but I wanted to point out one you may not have noticed.  The cute little icon next to the title?   Now don’t click it now because-

…you clicked it didn’t you.


As I was saying, don’t click it now because I’m still categorizing the posts.  However, eventually those icons will link to other post formats that are similar to the post you’re reading; i.e. video, quotes, status, blah blah blah.  Tags and categories still work, but this is a fun extra.  And we like fun.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go have a fight with a scanner at work that seems to want to jam every ten seconds. 

I mean, this thing has one job to do, ONE; and it just decides that it doesn’t feel like doing it and needs to keep me from doing MY job??  Really?  REALLY??   EAT THE PAPER, YOU STUPID MACHINE!!!

Things I Can’t Quit.

I used to smoke.  And I looooooved smoking.  And I miss it.   But I miss it like you miss an old boyfriend when you find his flannel in the back of your closet; enough to make you sigh but not enough to make you call him and see what’s up.  Because he was a douche

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An Life in the Messy House

Jethro: “”Why are there titties on the infomercial?” Me: “It’s the Genie Bra.’” *Overly excited women discuss a poor woman in a boring black bra that doesn’t support.* Jethro: “You have that bra.” *Death stare* *Later* Jethro: “It’s titty spanx! Spanx for boobs…” Me: “Turn it.” Jethro: “TITTY SPANX!” ************* Me: “Field of Dreams? Again?”

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Taking a bit of a break today…

…so I can get caught up on school.  And collect all that amazing knitting info from you guys so I can start learning to knit! Seriously, you people are amazing.  I want to invite all of you to my house so we can knit and eat snacks and you can play with my puppy. Not

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