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Life Lessons and Evil Quinoa—My Messy Beautiful Life

I have a complicated relationship with my son’s food. It started with not being able to breastfeed.  It was upsetting, but amazing site like Fearless Formula Feeder helped me come to grips with it.  My kid was fed, that’s the important part.  Then Tater had infant acid reflux, which led to MANY different formulas being

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Baby Freak-Out No. 1*

So, I’m truckin’ along, finally feeling human enough to get some cleaning done (some as in very little) when I discover an information card from an old wallet of mine. You know, the kind you get with your wallet that you can list all your personal information on in case you lose your wallet or

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I aspire, aspire, aspire…

Aspire is a funny word. It means not only to seek to attain a goal, but to also ascend and soar. Who doesn’t want to soar, to rise to the heavens and shine like a star? Well. As long as you don’t crash and burn. I don’t aspire as often as I used to. I

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I’m baaaacccckkkk…..

Well hello, those of you who are still reading.  I kind disappeared there for a while, huh?  I apologize, but I can’t guarentee it won’t happen again.  In fact, it probably might, because…

Name Calling and Middle School aka why my psych bills are so high…

On Friday, an interesting conversation happened on Twitter in regards to names, specifically name calling. More specifically, middle school name-calling. Some people dreaded high school, others junior high but my personal big bag of suck was middle school.  [In Texas, (well, in my area) elementary school is Kindergarten through 4th grade, middle school is 5th

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School days, school days…

I have class tonight.  And I’m sort of terrified.  As usual. I’m currently getting my Master of Liberal Studies (with an emphasis on creative writing) and although I love it, I haven’t given it as much attention as I need to.  I haven’t taken as many classes as I should.  I haven’t applied myself the

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Open Letters, Part 2

Dear Google user who came to my site through searching for “bedazzled tampon” (TWICE), PLEASE come back.  I think you’re my kind of people. Dear Google user who came to my site through searching for “thats too much ass”, You can f*ck right off, sir. *************** Dear Gmail, I love that you’re looking after me,

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Things I Can’t Quit.

I used to smoke.  And I looooooved smoking.  And I miss it.   But I miss it like you miss an old boyfriend when you find his flannel in the back of your closet; enough to make you sigh but not enough to make you call him and see what’s up.  Because he was a douche

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A rose by any other name…still has bugs in it.

I have a thing for names. I don’t know why, but I love thinking of names for things and people and stuff. Probably because I’ve had such a contentious relationship with my name. (Which is Alyssa, by the way. Real name, not screen-name. I fail at privacy on the internets.) My name came from a

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Happiness is…

T’eeny-tiny baby toes. Maggie snuggles. FaveRed Starburst. A good manicure. Jethro rolling over in cuddle on a Saturday morning. Feeling like I accomplished soemthing at the end of the day. A new episode of Dr. Who.  Or NCIS.