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Life Lessons and Evil Quinoa—My Messy Beautiful Life

I have a complicated relationship with my son’s food. It started with not being able to breastfeed.  It was upsetting, but amazing site like Fearless Formula Feeder helped me come to grips with it.  My kid was fed, that’s the important part.  Then Tater had infant acid reflux, which led to MANY different formulas being

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There should be a real post here.

There is not.  An update is forthcoming, but is still on the horizon. However, there will be another TLC book review this afternoon and that’s exciting, right?  Books are more fun than stories about c-sections and babies who smell like mashed potatoes, right? Most of your are nodding right now, and I love you for

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I am already a bad mother.

I am 17 weeks along, or just a little over 4 months.  Well, mostly.  Here’s the thing about pregnancy weeks.  Some people, like my mean doctor, like to count you as far along as you are—as in I am 16 weeks because 16 weeks have already past.  Some people, like my lovely pregnancy tracker, count

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Baby Freak-Out No. 1*

So, I’m truckin’ along, finally feeling human enough to get some cleaning done (some as in very little) when I discover an information card from an old wallet of mine. You know, the kind you get with your wallet that you can list all your personal information on in case you lose your wallet or

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Maggie and the Inappropriate Doggie Treat

Note: I apologize in advance for this.  While this post’s language will edited to be work-safe, the content might teeter on the line.  You’ve been warned.  Also, if you’re related to me (by blood or marriage) I apologize again and I ask that you don’t tell Grammy I wrote this. This is my Moo. She’s

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