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Life Lessons and Evil Quinoa—My Messy Beautiful Life

I have a complicated relationship with my son’s food. It started with not being able to breastfeed.  It was upsetting, but amazing site like Fearless Formula Feeder helped me come to grips with it.  My kid was fed, that’s the important part.  Then Tater had infant acid reflux, which led to MANY different formulas being

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Hello, again!

Oi, that was a long hiatus, huh?  Unintentional too; I’ve been so bogged down in baby and work and life and oh, my God, did you see the finale of Doctor Who?  I mean, how can I blog without knowing who the Hurt Doctor is?!? Sorry.  My geek is showing.  (But seriously, we should talk

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LOOKIT!: APW and I’m Better in Real Life

In case you missed it, on Friday I was over at APW with Ask Team Practical: Friendors, Greeting, Photoshoots, & Feeding People. BUT, I was also honored to be one of the people Lauren picked to guest-post about honeymoons while she was on HER honeymoon. And she better be back, because I want to hear

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LOOKIT!: APW – Ask Team Practical: Wedding Party and Parent Gifts

It’s Friday, so I’m over at A Practical Wedding spittin’ more wedding advice, this time on wedding party and parent gifts. (And apparently making people feel guilty for their gift choices or lack of.  Stop it, please!!  That’s never the point of our posts…)

LOOKIT!: WHT Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner review

It occurs to me that I forget to tell you where else I’m featured online; I just kind of assume y’all are in my head with me all the time.  But, in case you are not a APW reader or an Alyssa stalker, I’ll try to be better about letting y’all know when my posts go

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