St. Baldrick’s Update

Y’ALL. I just wanted to give you all a quick update to let you know I have EXCEEDED MY GOAL!!! I am floored and overwhelmed and all sorts of words that mean I’ve been a happy, weepy mess the last two days. I knew the Etsy giveaway would be fun, but the comments have shown just how cancer has touched so many lives, but also just how you all keep your loved ones in your hearts. Your support makes me feel like a full puppy in the sun.

I wrote a post at we heart this on my journey so far, which also includes a link to my Pinterest post-shave inspiration board. If you’d still like to donate, please visit my shave page! We are moving into a new house, so I am not online as much as I’d like to be right now, but please know I am thinking about everyone single one of you and thanking you for supporting me. You are all beautiful, sexy people.

Stay tuned, as I’ve got another round-up and some very exiting news on another giveaway!! ( I KNOW. I’m stoked too!)

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