St. Baldrick’s – Etsy Giveaway: LUCKY

Today is the second to last* day of my Etsy giveaway, and the day before get my head shaved! Today’s themed round-up is Lucky!
*Edit: I initially said it was the last day of my giveaway. I’m a moron. lucky1

1. Want to carry your luck with you? Try a Soldered Real Four Leaf Clover by Villa Sorgenfrei

2. Make your lucky charms more than just cereal! Pick one of four pretty pretty charms! By Melissa’s Handmade Jewelry

3. Try a little upcycling with this awesome print Soldered Real Four Leaf Clover by Madame Memento. How does she make crabs look adorable and thoughtful?

4. So technically this is a Mint Green and Gold Quatrefoil Charm Necklace by Nestled, not a four leaf clover. But the quatrefoil’s design is based off of the four leaf clover, so it should bring you just as much luck. Or at least an opportunity to use the word “quatrefoil” in casual conversation

5. I am SUCH a sucker for pretty paper. This Personalized Stationery by The Merry Canary is just so cute!

6. Know what else is cute? Wee little baby booties baby booties by Bison Booties. Put them on your kid now, before they have learned to take them off and throw them at the dog. (True story. Maggie is fine.)


7. My Other Car is a Luck Dragon magnet!!!!! If you don’t get this reference by Day of the Doodles, I don’t know if we can be friends. Okay, fine, we’re still friends, but we need to watch The Neverending Story together STAT.

8. Teeny classy luck! By lavenders.

9. Confetti!!! From Pass The Scissors Shop! Very classy when sprinkled on tables for a festive look. Or mailed in letters as a joke, just make sure you only sent confetti.

10. I love LOVE this Project Four Leaf Clover card by Architette Studios. Engineer your own luck! (Don’t quote me on that, that’s terrible. I’d erase it, but I need it as a reminder of why I don’t get into copywriting.)

11. This Lucky sign by Shabbyz is a great reminder for those days when things aren’t going so well. The “it could be worse!” mentality isn’t one that I recommend you subscribe to on a regular basis, but sometimes you do need a reminder that we are, indeed, lucky.

Finally, today’s collages were done by the lovely Liz of Happy Sighs, who is a major reason I’m even doing this event. She’s helped me out, on these picture and SO much more, so I had to include one of my favorite green items from her shop Betsy Ann Paper. And this one I can actually vouch for in person, her work is GORGEOUS; I was actually complimented on the thank you cards that I sent out after my baby shower. Now how often does someone call you to tell you that your thank you card is wonderful???


Which item is your favorite, moppets?? And, (You know I have to remind you of this, it’s kind of a thing now) don’t forget to enter my giveaway!!

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