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Minor Update

Happy Sunday, weekend readers! (All two of you!). Things are going swimmingly with the bald head; I had minor apprehension about letting it fly at work, that is until one of my head wraps would not cooperate. Apparently, my irritation at unruly fashion accessories outweighs my ego. My selfie needs work.

St. Baldrick’s – Etsy Giveaway WINNER!

The winner of my Etsy Giveaway is Caitlin G.!!!  She was appropriately excited and is thoroughly adorable. Sad you didn’t win?  Don’t be! I still have a giveaway for a custom polish by Black Sheep Lacquer running, so check it out and enter to win! Erin has been working hard to create Baldrick and has sneak

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Ready for the reveal???

St. Baldrick’s – Black Sheep Lacquer Giveaway!!

Hello, lovelies!  I cannot tell you how excited I am about this post!!  As y’all know, I am a huge nail polish fan, especially indie nail polish, made by regular people and sold online. (So much so that I review it on we heart this!) So it is with great pleasure that I announce a

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St. Baldrick’s Update

Y’ALL. I just wanted to give you all a quick update to let you know I have EXCEEDED MY GOAL!!! I am floored and overwhelmed and all sorts of words that mean I’ve been a happy, weepy mess the last two days. I knew the Etsy giveaway would be fun, but the comments have shown

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A Facebook page!!!

Because nothing is truly real until you put it on Facebook**, Kind of a Mess finally has a Facebook page!!  Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but just haven’t spent the time figuring it out.  And I’ve barely spent the time now, so don’t go there looking for something fancy.  It’s still

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Where does he get those wonderful toys?

The eventual bane of my existence Jethro and I have been trying our best to make sure that Tater is not inundated with too many noisy, electronic toys.  Partially because we know that non-directed play is important for achieving developmental milestones, and partially because we don’t want to hear that sh*t.  (Give me the side-eye

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Liz of happy sighs and St. Baldrick’s

“For the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, Do all the good you can, To all the people you can, In all the ways you can, As long as ever you can.”  – Epitaph, tombstone inscription in Shrewsbury, England I love that quote because, religious influence aside, it doesn’t ask you to try to achieve an unattainable

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A Giveaway from ___________. (currently Love Your Way)

So you’ve heard me gush about Lizzie and Isaiah.  Now it’s time for you to help me give them something back…and gain a little something of your own! Click here, to read details on how to help them pick a new name for their blog.  Choose their new name and you’ll win some lovely prizes. 

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Creating a New Mess…

I know I’m alone in this, but I’m still pretty much in awe of my new blog design by Lizzie and Isaiah of Love Your Way. (It’s more than likely gauche to say so, but since when has that stopped me?) There wasn’t anything wrong with my previous design, but it wasn’t exactly right either.

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