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Foodie Penpals with The Lean Green Bean

   In a fit of ambition in January, I signed up for Foodie Penpals, hosted by The Lean Green Bean.  It’s a penpal exchange program where you are matched with someone and based on a few questions, some blog-stalking and your own creativity, you send each other goody num-nums with a limit of $15. Now,

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Eatin’ Pants: Dulce De Leche Brownies

Sometimes, you need chocolate. And I’m not talking about wussy Hershey’s chocolate, or some crappy box brownies. I’m talking deep dark chocolate, fudgy and decadent, with ribbons of creamy gooey dulce de leche swirled throughout. These are not everyday brownies.  These are special occasion brownies, the kind that you make for birthdays and baby showers

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Eatin’ Pants: Skillet Chicken Pot Pie

Being that I’m lactose intolerant and my husband has the food preferences of a five-year-old, it can be a battle to eat in my house.  Add on to that trying to eat healthy and I’m completely tempted to throw in the towel and eat Subway for the rest of our lives. We do on occasion

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Eatin’ Pants: Baked French Toast

Sarah came into town this weekend and it was fabulous!  Hours of talking, shopping, REAL margarita-making, fried chicken eating and silly TV watching.  Not only did we view the Tony’s and talk theatre, I also introduced her to Toddlers and Tiaras.  And this horror. And, proof that she’s a nice person, Maggie ADORED her.  The

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Eatin’ Pants: Rosanne Cash’s Potato Salad

When Jethro and I get invited to cook-outs and parties by friends of his, there’s a definite pattern. We get invited. Jethro forgets to tell me. The hosts know Jethro, so they send me an invitation also because I am the social director of our marriage. I scrounge for recipes to make something good for

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Eatin’ Pants: Marshmallows and Awesome

You know what you need to fix a bad week?  Besties and s’mores. My friend Stacey came in on Tuesday night and she had lunch with me while we talked about how everyone’s life would be better if they just listened to what we told them.  (It’s true.) She also got Maggie to bark at

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Eatin’ Pants: Chicken Soup

Another recipe sparked by Jethro being ill, my chicken soup story is fraught with pain. I decided to make chicken soup for Jethro (around the same time of the bewb cake) because he was sick and whiny and being stereotypically male about the entire situation.  (It’s okay, he doesn’t read my blog.  I KNOW, he’s

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Eatin’ Pants Recipe: Lemon Risotto

If you’re like me, there’s company food and then there’s YOU food.  The stuff that you may or may not need a recipe for, but most definitely won’t look great.  In fact it might look downright unappetizing.  However, it is nummy and excellent, and you might eat it standing up in your kitchen because if you dirty another dish

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