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Sad Bastard Songs: Your Song

Watch out, my darlings.  I’m gonna bring the party down a bit.

You know those songs that you hear and you’re like, “That’s my song!”  Not in the drunken “Ooo, girl, that’s my SONG!  Here, hold my purse…” but in the, “This describes everything perfectly RIGHT THIS MINUTE.”  Ever have some of those songs?  Here are some of mine.  Not currently applicable, but they always take me back..and apparently “back” is kind of a emo place.

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Tunes to Breathe Heavily To

One of the things that make my run worth it is my music.  Whether it’s the driving beat or the encouraging music, these songs are my running buddies.

“Time Bomb”  and “Four Leaf Clover”  Old ’97’s –  I’m a Dallas kid, so the Old ’97’s are my people.  Although it makes me feel like I should be at a St. Paddy’s Day parade with my beer in hand.

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A bright shining hope…

In a time when people use conspiracy theory to hide racism, when major geological disasters happen and are forgotten scant months later, when our government is at war with each other, as well as other countries, without remembering why, when women still make 77 cents to a man’s dollar… we at least have this.


Sad Bastard Songs: The Covers

Oh, how I love cover songs.  Maybe it’s the feeling of the familiar made strange, maybe I appreciate an artist’s homage to the original, maybe I just fear change; but dear Lordy I love me some cover songs.

Good ones, of course.  The bad ones can die in a fire.

Here’s my list of Sad Bastard Songs: The Covers Edition.** Read More

Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets will be an ongoing series on the blog.  I share my dirty little secrets, which are barely dirty and mostly not secret, and then you share your similar secrets in the comments.  No judging, just lots of love.  The kind of sharing that Grover taught us on Sesame Street.  [Please note: if

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Sad Bastard Songs

Oh, dear God, I love sad bastard music.

That “draggin’ your heart on the ground, pain in my soul, so deep I might drown, dear baby PLEASE WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?!?!?” kind of music.

It speaks to my inner broken self; the one that, even when things are going well, will always go, “Well yeah…but you could still lose it all and be ALONG. FOR-EV-ER.”

My inner broken self is like an angry Eyeore. With piercings who pretends they are a cutter.

So here are some of my favorite Super Sad Bastard Songs.  (There was supposed to be a music player widget here, but me and Grooveshark are in a fight.)  I maybe might have listened to any or all of these songs a’la Bridget Jones; kinda drunk and alone in my pj’s, belting out the lyrics and hoping the neighbors didn’t hear.

I probably shouldn’t admit stuff like that.  But we’re all friends here.

Try not to listen all the way through, though. And afterwards, go get a muffin and a hug.  It’ll help. Read More