Category: I fail at life.

Life List: Successfully own a large fish tank (fresh and saltwater).

Growing up, I almost always had a fish tank. Well, rather, my mother always had a fish tank. It would be in my room, and I’d be the one who picked out and named the fish, but my mom would end up being the one to take care it; spending her Saturdays vacuuming it out

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It’s my blog and I can whine if I want to.

Oh, my darlings, I’m so tired. Everything I have going on is turning into a horcrux for my attention these days – if I divide it anymore, I’ll become less than human. (Nice to know my geek is still intact though….) I’m having one of those weeks.  What kind of week is that, you ask? Yesterday, a

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Eff you, To-Do…

GAH, I feel like I have so much to do all the time.  My poor Teux Deux list keeps getting longer and longer because I can’t seem to check things off… Laundry Dear God, do I need to do laundry…  Not just what I need for the week, but ALL my laundry. I keep putting it

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A Valentine’s Day Story

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I offer up a story for y’all. A cautionary tale, if you will, on the dangers of…lingerie. In lieu of a regular bridal shower, my sister-in-law and friends threw me a lingerie shower.  Which I thought brilliant because I love parties, booze and fancy underwear.  A win all the way

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You ever start something and then, about halfway through, realize that things are going HORRIBLY wrong?  And yet still you solider on, hoping that it’ll get better even though there’s no snowball’s chance in hell? Yeah. That’s the story of me and my Boob Cake.