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Life List: Send cards!

***Edited because the stinkin’ link didn’t work!*** I don’t do resolutions.  Mostly because I break them and then feel terrible about myself.  My self-esteem doesn’t need the yearly hit, thank you very much. HOWEVER.   I’m going to take on a small project for 2013 off of my updated Life List, and I think I’ll

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Kate Spade…I love you.

One of the items on my life list is “Own 5 new Kate Spade items.” I know, so shallow.  “Meet David Tennant.  Offer to have his children,” is much more noble. And I am now the proud owner of FOUR Kate Spade item. Y’all…I am SO CLOSE.  And it is only due to the generosity

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Life List: Learn to knit.

I have always wanted to learn to knit.  Well, maybe not ALWAYS, but it’s been up there as one of those crafts I’ve wanted to master.  It just seems so comforting, to be sitting in front of a fire, sipping cocoa and knitting a sweater. Though if we’re gonna be real, it’d be more like

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Life List: Successfully own a large fish tank (fresh and saltwater).

Growing up, I almost always had a fish tank. Well, rather, my mother always had a fish tank. It would be in my room, and I’d be the one who picked out and named the fish, but my mom would end up being the one to take care it; spending her Saturdays vacuuming it out

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Life List: Own 5 Kate Spade items.

Here’s the thing. And it’s hard to admit, even to y’all. But we’re friends here, right? I…I don’t care about purses. I know, I KNOW!!!  I’m a terrible girl, right? But seriously, I value function over form when it comes to bags and purses.  If I can’t find all my crap in it, I don’t

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Life List: Sew 50 little dresses for Africa.

One of the items on my Life List is to sew 50 little dresses for Africa. It’s a pretty simple task and even with my meager sewing skills I could possibly knock it out in a couple of weekends. But I added it to my Life List because it’s an important project for me that

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Life List: Dress like Chuck from “Pushing Daisies”

Pushing Daisies was, for two brief shining seasons, some of the best television out there.  It was the story of Ned the Piemaker, a man with the ability to bring back the dead with a touch.  He can only bring them to life for 60 seconds before something else must die in order to balance out

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