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Sad Bastard Music: Guilty Secrets

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m lame.  Hell, I’ve built my blog around that fact.  However, I do still have SOME pride…and I’m about to chip away at that useless emotion by revealing to you some of my guilty pleasure songs.

I’ll share these with you, but we must never speak of it again, okay?

All By Myself – cover by Jamie O’Neal
Dude, I just…..I don’t wanna talk about it. Moving on…

Water from the Moon – Celine Dion
I maybe might have owned all of Celine Dion’s albums (on tape) up until 1998. It’s…it is what it is, OKAY?

Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush
Some people HATE this song.  Kate’s soprano is a bit jarring and sharp, the song is about people who were actually kind of douchey and if you haven’t read Wuthering Heights it can make you feel stupid because the song is smarter than you.
But to a overly romantic 14 year old, this might be the most beautiful song ever.  Even hearing it brings me back to sitting on my daybed, hugging my worn teddy bear and sighing about darkly handsome orphan Gypsies…

I’ll Be Over You – Toto (featuring the immutable Michael McDonald)
Everyone has a Toto song they secretly love. If you don’t you just haven’t heard it yet.

Bed of Roses – Bon Jovi
I’m not ashamed of my Bon Jovi love.  I’m not.  I Jumped Rope for Heart to Livin’ on a Prayer, I’ve  banged on steering wheels to Shot Through the Heart and I’ve drunkenly sang Blaze of Glory in bars and shed a tear for poor Billy.  But 90’s Bon Jovi…as cute as he was when he cut his hair, it’s just not cool. 
But I do love this song, only because when was the last time that you woke up and french kissed the morning? 
Deep, Jon, deep.

Shadows of the Night – Pat Benatar
You can pretend like you’re not going to go home later today and play this full blast while singing into a hairbrush, but I know the truth.  No, no, it’s cool.  It’ll be our little secret….


Alright, moppets. Gimme your guilty pleasure songs.  Don’t leave me the only one with my slip showin’…