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Beating the Marriage Demons

Y’ALL.  You know Lizzie, from Love Your Way, right? (No, she’s not on my blog roll, and yes I will be correcting that. Although with like 50 other people who need to be added due to massive awesome.) Anyway, she’s been hearing a lot of flak about marriage lately. Some real, some not, but ALL super troubling to an

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One more day, moppets…

One more day is needed until I am recovered from the week ‘o not-awesome. I got to spent last night with my buddy Stacey and it totally made up for bird poo on my tofu and other assorted things that also suck. But it also means that I spent yesterday having fun and not writing.

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Maggie Moo…updated.

Y’ALL.  Rachel has given me another gift….Maggie Moo in the lingerie of doom. It’s so funny, I can’t stand it.  These pictures might need to be part of a screensaver.  GAH!  I love it.  Go check it out! 

Miss Maggie Moo, courtesy of DDay.

Y’all!  Y’ALL!!!!! So, DDay (also known as Rachel) has been sick the last few days. But despite that, she still had time to take my pictures of Moo and dress them up digitally!! Right now, over on her blog, Bananas, continued, she has dressed Maggie up as an Aggie football player (in homage to Jethro)

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No Good Very Bad Day

Yesterday, as I’m leaving work, I put my brand new iPhone 4 on top of my roof as I dig through my purse for my keys. (Y’all know where this is going, don’t you?) Three miles, four honks and 30 to 40 miles per hour later, someone finally gets my attention at a stoplight and

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Ask, and ye shall receive.

Y’ALL.   You’re a little ridiculous. I put the 25 comments thing up as a joke, and you came through in like 12 hours. This proves one thing. Y’all love bewbs. So here is it.  Misshapen ta-ta’s, red nipples, crazy serial killer writing and all. And don’t be disappointed. I never said it was epic.  I

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