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Sad Bastard Songs: The Covers

Oh, how I love cover songs.  Maybe it’s the feeling of the familiar made strange, maybe I appreciate an artist’s homage to the original, maybe I just fear change; but dear Lordy I love me some cover songs.

Good ones, of course.  The bad ones can die in a fire.

Here’s my list of Sad Bastard Songs: The Covers Edition.** Read More


Sad Bastard Songs

Oh, dear God, I love sad bastard music.

That “draggin’ your heart on the ground, pain in my soul, so deep I might drown, dear baby PLEASE WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?!?!?” kind of music.

It speaks to my inner broken self; the one that, even when things are going well, will always go, “Well yeah…but you could still lose it all and be ALONG. FOR-EV-ER.”

My inner broken self is like an angry Eyeore. With piercings who pretends they are a cutter.

So here are some of my favorite Super Sad Bastard Songs.  (There was supposed to be a music player widget here, but me and Grooveshark are in a fight.)  I maybe might have listened to any or all of these songs a’la Bridget Jones; kinda drunk and alone in my pj’s, belting out the lyrics and hoping the neighbors didn’t hear.

I probably shouldn’t admit stuff like that.  But we’re all friends here.

Try not to listen all the way through, though. And afterwards, go get a muffin and a hug.  It’ll help. Read More