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Update on TMJ Saga

So.  When last you left your intrepid heroine, she was trying to avoid a second surgery and find a way to fix her stupid broken face.  (Gripping, I know.) Turns out that I don’t need more surgery and my TMJ is sleep related.  (Heather G, hang on, I know you’ll love this…) My current doctor

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T.M.J. can kiss my A.S….you know the rest.

We all have TMJ.  Yours just isn’t broken……or maybe it is.  Part of the reason I’ve been missing other than life being busy is that I am have some issues with my jaw.  Namely osteoarthritis that causes TMJ. What people call TMJ is actually TMJD or TMD, temporomandibular joint disorder.  Everyone’s got a TMJ, two

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