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SPAM. I thought my previous post was just a one-off, but the hits just KEEP ON COMIN’!  And by hits, I mean hilarious awesomeness, best evidenced by this: Submitted on 2011/11/19 at 2:46 pm There is a critical shroatge of informative articles like this. A comment on the previous spam post. How meta! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ HostMonster

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Hilarity of Spam

Nobody likes spam. It’s annoying, it takes up too much of your time and good comments/emails get mixed in with the bad stuff and you inadvertently delete it and get yelled at later for missing something important. (Okay, fine, you really just find a great coupon for a pair of boots that you’ve been wanting

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Before I announce the winnerof our giveaway of Awkward.: What to Do When Life Makes You Cringe – A Survival Guide, can I just mention that the lovely and fabulous Becca, formerly of A Los Angeles Love and currently at Stumble and Leap, is good friends with the author Sam Scholfield???  Even MORE proof that

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Kind of a Mess Giveaway!!!!

WHAT??? You haven’t entered the giveaway to win a copy of “Awkward: What to Do When Life Makes You Cringe” by Sam Scholfield?!? Click HERE and rectify that situation post haste. Do it.

Awkward: What to Do When Life Makes You Cringe by Sam Scholfield (and a Giveaway!!)

Having a blog named “Kind of a Mess,” you can imagine that I might know a little something about awkward moments. And cringe-worthy situations. And soul-crushing embarrassment. And you would be right. So when I was asked by The Experiment to review a book called Awkward.: What to Do When Life Makes You Cringe –

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