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Tater’s Birth Story, Part Two

When I last left you, moppets, I was about to head in for a c-section.  We called my doula, who was on her way home and was like, “What? Now? Okay, hold on, I have to changes shoes!”  (No flip-flops in the OR, which apparently is a rule. Besides, who wants to get placenta on

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Tater’s Birth story, Part One

Oh, the long overdue birth story.  Five months later.  It still feels weird to share this; not because it’s too private, but because it’s still a trip to think that it happened.  I HAD A BABY, Y’ALL. Not that I could forget.  He’s in the other room, yelling at the dog.  (Who was it that

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My neck! My back! My neck and my back!!

[This post was intended for earlier today but I scheduled it wrong.  Oopsy.  Deal with it.  I still love you.] I have been having some hip pain; nothing serious but enough to make me walk funny, groan when I get up and down and not want to start running again.  (Running and I took a

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