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Cookin’ with Carol: Coronary Chai Spice Apple Cake

The thing about heart disease is that, like most diseases, it doesn’t happen to the just the patient, but the whole family.  In order to develop healthy habits, everyone has to pitch in for it to work.  How fair is it for someone to have to cut out sugar, salt and fats if your wife

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I am already a bad mother.

I am 17 weeks along, or just a little over 4 months.  Well, mostly.  Here’s the thing about pregnancy weeks.  Some people, like my mean doctor, like to count you as far along as you are—as in I am 16 weeks because 16 weeks have already past.  Some people, like my lovely pregnancy tracker, count

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Cooking with Carol: Bypass Orange Blueberry Bread

After the car ride from hell after Dad’s quintuple bypass, my parents and I made it home and proceeded to make Dad dinner.  The man will eat just about anything, so it wasn’t an issue of taste.  The problem was that while he was in the hospital, a side effect of his surgery is that

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New Feature! Cooking with Carol: Recipes for Captain HeartAttack

Weird title, eh?  Don’t worry, all will be explained.  Eventually.  But first, some background. So I have a dad.  We call him the Tyrant.  We are not being ironic. He’s a tough dad, as dad’s go.  He’s not much taller than me and has a Guyanese accent that my mom and I don’t hear, but

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Baby Freak-Out No. 1*

So, I’m truckin’ along, finally feeling human enough to get some cleaning done (some as in very little) when I discover an information card from an old wallet of mine. You know, the kind you get with your wallet that you can list all your personal information on in case you lose your wallet or

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Before and After

As much as I’d like to think that pregnancy hasn’t changed me, my first trimester done messed my world UP.  Aside from the constant weirdness physically —”I’m hot!  My boobs hurt! I’m cold! Hug me! I’m gonna throw up! My head hurts! GOD, I’m so tired! Don’t touch me! Why is it so HOT in

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I’m baaaacccckkkk…..

Well hello, those of you who are still reading.  I kind disappeared there for a while, huh?  I apologize, but I can’t guarentee it won’t happen again.  In fact, it probably might, because…

Birthday Wishes!!

Well, this week was a giant bag of fail in terms of posting, huh?  I should work on that…or watch more Netflix and do some more cross-stitch, which is probably more likely. However, I had to pop in today to say that Jethro turns 34 on Saturday and I want to publicly wish the happiest

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Maggie and the Inappropriate Doggie Treat

Note: I apologize in advance for this.  While this post’s language will edited to be work-safe, the content might teeter on the line.  You’ve been warned.  Also, if you’re related to me (by blood or marriage) I apologize again and I ask that you don’t tell Grammy I wrote this. This is my Moo. She’s

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Well, hell.

I’ve been silent for the last few days because the 2011 Summer of Suck has continued with another family emergency.  Because of that, and the anniversary trip that Jethro and I have planned for next week, Kind of a Mess will be taking another hiatus for two weeks.  BUT, when I come back on the 26th, there’ll

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