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Pen Pals Update!

Just a reminder, if you want to be a part of the pen pal group, please make sure that you send me your address!  I can’t add you without it!  So send away, pretty please….  alyssa [dot] kindofamess [at] gmail [dot] com Do it.  I command you.

Pen Pals

So, I got to thinkin’.  I really like mail.  Like, REALLY like mail.  I have a thing for paper, and the site of a pretty envelope in my mailbox fills me with joy.  Packages are great, but a real card or letter?  The best. Plus, I love a chance to practice my penmanship.  I have horrid

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Kind of a Mess Interviews

Alrighty, my darlings.  I’ve compiled the interview questions, now I need you to do something for me.  Again.  (I’m so needy.) If you’d like to be interviewed, please comment on this post and pick ten numbers between 1 and 50.  The questions are numbered so those ten will determine the questions that you get.  I

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Five Not-so-Easy Steps

So, I’m in grad school right now.  I’m getting a Master of Liberal Studies with an emphasis on Creative Writing.  (Mock my MLS all you want, it’s part-time so I can still work and it’s free because my job is amazing.)  However, I didn’t start this degree with writing as an emphasis.  One of the

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